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It has been stated that “sounding good is as important as looking good.” Whether you’re a young or mature person, whether you use your voice professionally or not, your voice plays a vital role in the way others perceive you. In our society, a deep voice can convey strength and authority whereas a weak voice may suggest a lack of self-confidence. The specialists at The Texas Voice Center have a way to help you “put your best voice forward.”

Dr. Richard Stasney, Otolaryngologist and director of The Texas Voice Center, has developed a simple outpatient procedure designed to “plump up” the vocal folds and restore their natural vibration. This procedure called “Fat Injection Thyroplasty” improves voice quality, which can give you a new lease on life.

Is your voice lying about your age?

Puberty is the stage in life when a boy’s body develops and the voice deepens several octaves. This is when he begins to sound like a man. Unfortunately for some, this voice change does not occur. Although treatments have been available for many years, this recent technique has been successful in producing stronger, more reliable voices.

A 21-year-old patient confided that he didn’t actually sound like a girl, but “my voice

is higher than a man’s should be and it sounds like I haven’t gone through puberty.” (Click to hear voice before surgery)

After injecting the patient’s own fat into his vocal folds, he reportedly sounded “more like a man” which has helped him, particularly during job interviews. (Click to hear voice after surgery)

Is your voice keeping you secluded?

Our bodies change as we age and subsequently, so can our voices. The voice can begin to sound weak, hoarse or even raspy. Patients often complain that they can’t be heard over the phone or in restaurants and other social gatherings. They begin to feel isolated because of their voice.

A 70-year-old male pastor reported that his voice faded and became hoarse and raspy.

“When you make your living talking, you have to be able to talk.” (Click to hear voice before surgery)

After injecting fat into his vocal folds, he was able to return to his ministry with an improved voice. (Click to hear voice after surgery)

Is your voice keeping you from the things you enjoy?

All voice problems should be evaluated. Most voice disorders can be treated; either medically, surgically or with therapy. One disorder that goes untreated for many years, even after seeing many specialists, is spasmodic dysphonia. We often hear “I was told there was nothing wrong with me, that I should see a psychiatrist”. These patients sound as if they are crying or being strangled. They are unable to project their voice or use the phone. (Click to hear a spasmodic dysphonia voice). To hear the effect of this and other disorders before and after treatment, browse through our website.


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